Festivals in Transition

The Actor’s Union wants to support and help to introduce in Spain information about the FIT (Festivals In Transition) network and it’s Mobile Lab for Theatre and Communication.

The ten FIT European festivals have come together to create a travelling laboratory to explore, develop and test drive innovative practices of discourse, critical writing and communication between artists, programmers and audiences in response to contemporary performance.
The objectives of this initiative are:
• to promote the creation of contemporary performance with a special focus on the communicative aspect of theatre
• to search for the tools to re-enforce a bridge of understanding and dialogue between artists and audiences
• to encourage a wider discussion on contemporary performing arts and their discursive potential, creating a space for critical reflection from the audience
• to develop a new generation of skilled journalists and theatre critics who can engage with the language of contemporary performance and are internationally competent
• to activate the involvement of local and national media in reflecting performing arts and reinstalling contemporary art in the public discourse.

The festivals around Europe organise and develop artistic programmes, workshops, public discussions and collaborations with the Media. We enchourage Spanish performing artists with contemporary theatre projects to investigate and contact the network links:


 SPIELART Munich, Germany

 Crakow Theatre Reminiscences, Poland

 Baltic Circle, Helsinki, Finland

 LIFT, Londres, Great Britain

 Baltoscandal, Rakvere, Stonia

 Homo Alibi and Homo Novus, Riga, Latvia

 Divadelna Nitra, Slovakia

 4+4 Days in Motion, Praga, Check Republic

 Sirenos, Vilnius, Lituania

 Exodos, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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